Bringing you the benefits of finest Sri Lankan Cinnamon to your kitchen, we offer you a range of Cinnamon products at very reasonable rates. All our products feature, very thing and smooth bark as Sri Lankan Cinnamon known for adding a great flavour and aroma to any dish.
All our Cinnamon products are high in quality and have prepared to meet the accepted standards. Come in Alba, 5c-sp, 5c, 4c,5m,4m, H, H2 categories, we deliver you the finest cinnamon in Sri Lanka right to your doorstep fast, for a reasonable price. (Payment Terms - 100% LC at sight)

Why Sri Lankan Cinnamon?

Sri Lanka is the world’s largest producer and exporter of pure cinnamon in the world. The country claims 90 % share of global cinnamon market with a long-standing reputation in the international market for its unique quality, colour, flavour and aroma. Sri Lankan cinnamon has very thin, smooth bark with a light yellowish-brown colour and highly fragrant aroma.