Black Pepper

Offering you a range of import ready black pepper products, at AGROVET CEYLON SPICEY (PVT) LTD we assure you high-quality black pepper as a spice for a reasonable price. All the pepper we use is collected from selected pepper cultivations in Sri Lanka, assuring you a higher Piperine content. Washed twice and well dried, our black pepper is always tested to ensure you a dust free and moisture below 10% product, every time. (Payment Terms - 100% LC at sight)

Why Ceylon Black Pepper?

Sri Lankan Black pepper has a higher Piperine content (9% to 11 % ) which conduces to fetch a high demand and it is also known for its extra strength and its warm intense flavour. Producing nearly 1.7% of the global demand, Sri Lanka is one of the leading producers of the best quality black peppercorns and has been a destination for high quality peppercorns since the turn of the history.